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Why Dermtheory

founded and formulated by
two board-certified dermatologists
Dr. Aiza Ejaz & Dr. Viba Malaiyandi, with over 20 years of combined clinical experience.

You can trust that dermtheory products are high-quality, clinically-tested
rigorously and capable of guaranteeing results.

We are passionate about dermatology and skin health. We love helping our patients with their skin conditions and bringing renewed confidence to their lives.

With the amount of conflicting information that exists around skincare, decoding which products are actually effective and deciphering marketing from science is nearly impossible.

This is why we founded dermtheory: we have a shared goal to simplify skincare. We are doing this by using active ingredients with evidence, using high quality ingredients and only including ingredients that serve a purpose for skin health.

Dermtheory is a skincare line made after years of extensive scientific research. It has reaffirmed for us the beauty of science. And we hope it does for you, too.