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About Us

Dr. Viba Malaiyandi

Dr. Aiza Ejaz

Healthy skin shouldn’t be complicated.
We’re here to tell you it’s not.

Hi there,

We’re Viba and Aiza, University of Toronto trained, Board-Certified Dermatologists. Between the two of us, we have over 20 years of clinical experience helping patients overcome their struggles with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and damage from prolonged sun exposure.

Our goal is to help people feel confident and comfortable in their skin. We’ve had the privilege of doing this with our patients, whose skin and lives we’ve helped transform for the better.

But we strive for more than just practicing the clinical side of medicine. We want to educate, empower and inspire people on a much larger scale about their skin and how to care for it. Because we know a great deal of misinformation exists out there when it comes to your skin and what it needs to look and feel healthy.


Our philosophy? Skincare should be simple. And we’ve done the research to prove that it really is - from your skincare formula’s ingredient list, to the number of steps in your daily skin regimen.

Join us in standing behind science-backed beauty - the kind that doesn’t follow the media’s narrative, but instead encourages you to relax into who you are and trust in the science of healthy skin.

Let us show you how to reveal your beauty and own it.