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Dermtheory Offers Evidence-Based, Clean Skincare Solutions Formulated by Dermatologists

Experience the joys of radiant, healthy skin safely.


When looking for high-quality, clinical-grade skincare products, customers can turn to Dermtheory, a brand creating evidence-based skincare formulas designed to reveal the skin’s true beauty in a simplistic way. Its products are proven to protect the skin, repair existing damage and bring out the skin’s healthy, natural beauty.


Dermtheory was founded by dermatologists Dr. Viba Malaiyandi and Dr. Aiza Ejaz. They are Board-Certified Dermatologists who are trained at the University of Toronto. The two have more than 20 years of combined clinical experience, helping patients overcome their struggles with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and damage from prolonged sun exposure.


More than anyone, they understand the complexities of skin science. They know which ingredients work and which are taking up valuable space and offering no benefit in a skincare formula. They use a data-driven, scientific approach, which means they will not advocate or prescribe anything they can’t back up with evidence.


“It’s really important to establish what clinical and clean mean to us. We only include science-backed ingredients in our formulas and test our products for tolerability and efficacy. Our ingredients are biocompatible with the skin and each has a purpose, either to directly benefit the skin or stabilize the formula. We are committed to creating skincare products that are free of any unnecessary or irritating ingredients that could compromise skin health. All our products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing agents, drying alcohols, essential oils and fragrances,” shared Dr. Malaiyandi and Dr. Ejaz, co-founders.


The brand has recently launched Daily C Hydrating Glow Serum, a new vitamin C serum formulated with a pure concentration of 15%      vitamin C. It is made with clean and clinically proven active ingredients backed up by years of extensive research. It also has been clinically tested for efficacy and safety.


Daily C is a proprietary formulation developed by Dr. Malaiyandi and Dr. Ejaz. It has a unique combination of ascorbic acid and antioxidant infusion complex - a perfect blend of clinically proven active ingredients that offer cascading antioxidant activity. The antioxidant infusion helps ascorbic acid to penetrate and work more effectively on the skin, making it a powerhouse antioxidant serum. It reverses any oxidative stress, leaving the skin healthier and brighter.


The Dermtheory team aims to help people feel confident and comfortable in their skin. They also strive for more than just practicing the clinical side of medicine. They are aware that a great deal of misinformation exists regarding the skin and what it needs to look and feel healthy. So they want to educate, empower and inspire people on a much larger scale - informing them how to care for the skin. 

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About Dermtheory

Dermtheory creates high-quality, clinical-grade skincare products that are proven to protect the skin, repair existing damage and bring out its healthy, natural beauty.